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MCA Anti-Racism Statement

We at Manitoba Choral Association stand in solidarity with Black communities everywhere. Through the current Black Lives Matter demonstrations around the world and in our own province, we are reminded that important discussions about cultural sensitivity in choral music and diverse hiring practices must be moved to the foreground. The time to act on these issues and decisions is now, not later. We commit to listening and dialoguing with Manitoba’s Black community as we lift up our voices in song, creating unity and cross-cultural understanding.

MCA is thankful for those working tirelessly towards this movement, and feel it’s important to use our platform to share some anti-racism resources to contribute to educating and creating change in our community.


A Different Booklist A Canadian multicultural bookstore specializing in literature from the African and Caribbean Diaspora and the Global South. Includes reading lists specifically for schools & school boards.

Embrace Race resources include articles, webinars, action guides, children’s books, and stories.

ETFO 365 Black Canadian Curriculum With this resource, educators will have historically factual information to support the learning of issues concerning race and discrimination, while ensuring safe learning environments for students to discuss these topics in a respectful and reflective manner, while also exploring the realities of Black Canadians.

Music by Black Composers Educational Resources MBC aims to spread awareness of and access to music by Black composers to children and adults alike! Their Instrument Books & Online Resources include a published repertoire series that supplements current instrument training methods by featuring music exclusively by Black composers from around the world.

If you have more resources to add to this list, please contact us at

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