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Choral singing is alive and well in Manitoba! Manitoba Choral Association’s work reaches choirs, directors, and singers throughout the province’s seven regions:

Central  |  Eastman  |  Interlake  |  Norman  |  Parkland  |  Westman  |  Winnipeg

MCA's members live in every region of Manitoba. We value diverse representation on our board and our committees, and strive to involve perspectives from across the province when planning programs and resource for the choral community in Manitoba.


Recently MCA established an Intra-Provincial Special Interest Group, to liaise regularly with and provide support to all Manitoba regions so that MCA may build and strengthen relationships with choirs and members around the province and strategically plan programs around the province.

The SIG is chaired by Crystal Kolt, MCA's Intra-Provincial Director, and meets several times per year and membership is open to anyone in our Singing Province.

To get involved in the SIG, or to connect with the choral community in your region, contact one of the associations or choirs below, or email us at

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