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MCA Welcomes New Administrative Assistant

We are excited to share that Alexis Chlopecki has joined the MCA team as our new Administrative Assistant!

Alexis Chlopecki (she/her) brings a plethora of work experience with her last 10 years being dedicated to customer experience, service advisory, and administrative work. She continues to be involved in and volunteers within the Manitoba choral community, as she has since she was young.

Alexis is a Dove Canada ambassador for the "One Girl Can" self-esteem campaign that serves to uplift youth across Canada to believe in themselves, their qualities, their talents and more. She has spent the last 15 years of her life advocating for positive change for youth to freely be whomever they want to be and to fully express themselves, especially through music. Alexis continues to encourage and educate youth on the importance of having music in their lives.

Along with performing at local, provincial and national events, Alexis has sung with community choirs such as Sonolux and Ecco Singers. She currently is also Vice President on the board of Musaico, a choral non-profit organization run through Ecco Singers. Alexis is proud to be a part of such a diverse, accepting, and powerful choral community and hopes to inspire more voices to continue to pursue their passion of choral music.

Recently, Alexis volunteered with MCA at our annual non-competitive festival, ChoralFest. In her new role, she will work alongside MCA’s board and staff team providing administrative and logistical support for MCA's operations in the areas of programs, resources, communications, memberships, office administration and more. Alexis brings to the role strong communication skills, a positive and enthusiastic attitude and an eagerness to learn. Please join us in welcoming her to the MCA team!

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