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It pays to be an MCA member! MCA enjoys partnerships with local and national suppliers, arts organizations, and community groups, and we are always on the lookout for ways to pass on special offers and deals to our members.


New discounts and offers are being added regularly, so check back often.


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The Musica International Virtual Choral Library is a searchable database which provides extensive descriptions of nearly 200,000 international choral scores and growing. MCA members have free complete privileged access to this extensive choral repertoire resource. 

The database includes around 80 separate fields describing a particular musical work including:
- title
- composer
- text source
- publisher
- voicings and divisi requirements
- genre-style-form of the piece
- liturgical use for sacred music
- instrumental accompaniment requirements
- duration
- and more!

Conductors can also find music around a specific theme through the subject field, in which contributors list possible relative subjects to a particular title of a work or its theme.

​The Manitoba Conservatory for Music & Arts is offering MCA members a 25% discount on their Group Programming – Early Childhood, Youth and Adult. Visit their website for a full slate of programs. This offer is open to all individual MCA members and 1 representative from each member choir or corporate member organization. To use the discount, you must contact MCMA directly at 204-988-7650 or to register. Just mention coupon code MCA25!

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