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Weren't able to attend MCA's BEYOND Symposium? We've got you covered!


We are still accepting registrations for the session videos. Register before September 15 to receive access to the video recordings of the following sessions from Friday evening and Saturday:

Cory Campbell – Gratitude Project

Melanie DeMore – Full Body Forward Pt I (Friday)

Melanie DeMore – Full Body Forward Pt II (Saturday)

Doug Friesen – Sound, Listening and Group Creativity

Nicole Stonyk – Moving Beyond Indigenous Inclusion

Ray “Coco” Stevenson – First Nations Singing Workshop

Roan Regan & Caleb Rondeau – Choir as a Gender Affirming Space

Click here for full collaborator bios and session descriptions

Gain access to all 7 videos for only $60!

NOTE: Due to a technological issue, we are unable to provide videos for two of the sessions that took place on Saturday (Jenel Shaw's Accessibility for Choirs and Doug Friesen's SongWriting sessions).

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